Rural Summer Jobs Service Hiring Incentive – April 30th Deadline!

A reminder for specialty crop growers that the 2013 Ontario Rural Summer Jobs Service is now accepting applications from eligible employers who plan to create summer jobs for students in Rural Ontario. Eligible businesses and community organizations in Rural Ontario may receive a hiring incentive of $2 per hour to create student employment.

What qualifies as a RURAL business?

If your business or organization is located in a town, small city or rural township with a population of 100,000 or less, you are eligible to apply to this program.

Application Process

There are two ways to apply for the program:

1. Employers are encouraged to use the on-line application.
The online application form takes less than 10 minutes to complete.
After completing the form, simply type your name in the signature field. This is considered an electronic signature for the purpose of the contract.
Click the Save Form button to save the application on your computer. Then send the application by email to (If you require Adobe Acrobat Reader you can install it on your computer for free by downloading the program from Adobe at
There is no need to print the application and send it in.
Your application will be reviewed and you will receive a letter or email confirmation by May 31, 2013.
The application deadline is April 30, 2013.

2. Alternatively, if you cannot use the online application process, you may print the application form and mail or fax it in to:
Rural Summer Jobs Service
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Ministry of Rural Affairs
1 Stone Road West, 4th Floor NW
Guelph, Ontario N1G 4Y2
Fax: (519) 826-3170

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