Pest Control Products for Ontario Hops

I have created an updated list of pest control products rgistered for use on commercial hops in Ontario. This list indicates all products (conventional or organic) currently registered on hops in Ontario. I’ve had many questions about other products used by growers in the United States. If you don’t see those products on this list, then they are not yet registered in Canada. Growers are reminded that any product applied to a crop for the purpose of pest control in Canada must be registered by the federal Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

Staff from OMAF and MRA and other provinces have been actively working on pursuing other registrations, so stay tuned. Any new registrations for hops will be posted on this blog as they are announced.

In this table I have included a column for chemical family of each product. Pest control products are grouped into families by mode of action to aid in resistance management. There is always the potential for pest populations to become resistant to pest control products with repeated use. To delay this, avoid constantly applying products from the same chemical family. Instead, alternate between products with different chemical family numbers.

For a PDF of the list click the link below:
Hops Pesticides 2013

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2 Responses to Pest Control Products for Ontario Hops

  1. This is a helpful list. Do you guys have anything that’s updated for 2014 by any chance?

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