Natural Enemies Workshop August 7

OMAF and MRA present

Natural Enemies Workshop

Learn about the natural enemies of crop pests, from predators to parasites to pathogens.  What do they do?  How can you find and identify them?  How can you protect them and encourage them to be active in your field?


Wednesday, August 7 1:00-4:30 pm
Simcoe OMAF and MRA Auditorium, Blueline Road, Simcoe, Ontario

The workshop will apply to all field-grown crops, but with a focus on vegetables and specialty crops. No charge.  Preregistration is required as space is limited.

To register for this event please contact the Agricultural Information Contact Centre at:

Toll-Free:  1-877-424-1300


Fax: (519) 826-3442

About Sean Westerveld

Ginseng and Medicinal Herbs Specialist, OMAFRA
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2 Responses to Natural Enemies Workshop August 7

  1. Hugh Brown says:

    Excellent subject matter – can the information be posted online, with specifics and pictures, after the event to extend the value for those who can not make it in person? Adding a conference connection would also make it more accessible. Looking for a weekend workshop specifically tailored to hops, if demand ever warrants. Thank you.

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