2013 Agricultural Workshops Day, Campus D’Alfred

Specialty crop growers may be interested in attending the 2013 Agricultural Workshops Day on Thursday, September 12th at the University of Guelph Campus d’Alfred Farm.

An number of presentations and practical workshops will be included during the day along with a ‘meet the researchers’ event.

Practicle workshops run from 9:30am-3:30pm and include:

A: Quinoa and Other Alternative Crops (Evan Elford, OMAF and MRA)

B: Nutrition Clinic: Moulds and Mycotoxins (Tom Wright, OMAF and MRA)

C: Cow Comfort Evaluation in the Dairy Barn (Elsa Vasseur, University of Guelph)

D: Dairy Heifer Selection Strategies (Mario Mongeon, OMAF and MRA)

All presentations and workshop will be presented in French and/or English with simultaneous translation.

To register, please contact Mario Mongeon (OMAF and MRA) at 613.679.4288 or email mario.mongeon@ontario.ca.  Registration after September 5th is $50.00.

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