Evaluating the Impact of Spotted Wing Drosophila in Ontario in 2013

Posted on behalf of Anne Horst, SWD Project Coordinator and Pam Fisher, Berry Crop Specialist, OMAF and MRA
Spotted wing drosophila is an emerging pest of tender fruit and berry crops in Ontario, including many specialty fruit. If you are a grower of susceptible crops, please read this article.

As we wrap up the 2013 SWD monitoring program, we are compiling all of the information gathered this season to summarize what we have learned about SWD patterns this season. This year, we focussed on answering the question when should I start controlling for SWD? In addition to regional monitoring with apple cider vinegar traps, we sampled fruit to see if trapping was an effective tool to determine the first damage. In many cases, fruit damage was found before any adults had been trapped in the field. It is important for growers to start controlling for SWD on susceptible crops as soon as it has been found in their region, and not wait until it is found on their farm.

We would also like to evaluate the economic impact SWD has had in Ontario in 2013. In order to do this, we need help from growers. By filling out a short survey, you will help us determine costs associated with controlling SWD and the amount of crop damage caused by SWD. You also get the chance to voice any other comments or concerns about controlling SWD. This information will be compiled and presented in an annual report. We also hope that this will help to secure future funding for SWD programs and pesticide registrations.

Please respond by December 21, 2013

FILL OUT THE SURVEY HERE: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SWD-2013

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