2014 GOHCBC – The Results Are In!


2014 GOHCBC entries for this year’s beer style: American Brown Ale

The results are in!

The 2014 Great Ontario-Hopped Craft Beer Competition took place on Wednesday, February 19th at the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention in Niagara Falls.  The beer style for 2014 was an American Brown Ale.

All brewers and hop growers are to be congratulated as the judges were impressed by the improvement in beer and hop quality this year. Many attendees were overheard discussing the quality of the Ontario grown hops showcased during the hop rub.  No beer faults were detected by the judges and they stated several beers were worthy of being commercially marketed.

1st Place: The Blue Elephant (Simcoe) & Carolinian Hop Yard (Norfolk County)
2nd Place: Get Well Brewing (Toronto) & Nation Hops (Bernardin)
3rd Place: The Olde Stone Brewing Company (Peterborough) & Slow Acres Organics (Peterborough)

Congratulations to The Blue Elephant and Carolinian Hop Yard, this year’s winners of the Bottomless Cup!
Winners will be contacted by the competition organisers for award presentations.


2014 GOHCBC judging panel with winning brewer James Grant (The Blue Elephant) holding the coveted ‘Bottomless Cup’ in Niagara Falls during the OFVC – L-R: Jason Deveau, Jeff Stevens, Laura Takata, James Grant, Al Sutherland, and Michael Ligas

Thank you:
Host location – The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention (www.ofvc.ca)
Sponsor – Goal Zero (www.goalzero.com)

Judging Panel & Stewards:
Head Judge – Michael Ligas
Industry Rep – Laura Takata
Sponsor Rep – Jeff Stevens
OMAF and MRA Rep – Jason Deveau
Research Rep – Al Sutherland
Stewards – Jen Llewellyn and Hannah Fraser

Evan Elford and Jason Deveau

Please visit the competition website at http://www.ONHops.ca

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