Hops IPM Scout Training Workshop June 14th

Below is an announcement from the Ontario Hop Growers’ Association:

Hops IPM Scout Training Workshop and Spray Demonstration

When: June 14th, 2014 @ 11:00am-4:00pm

Where: Winterbrook Farm, 18825 Shaws Creek Road, Caledon, ON L7K 1L3

Cost: Free

Contact: Alison Grant agrant08@uoguelph.ca

The Ontario Hop Growers’ Association is happy to announce the upcoming IPM hops workshop on scouting hops.

Featured Speakers: Melanie Filotas-Integrated Pest Management Specialist, Specialty Crops Ontario, OMAF/MRA

Jason Deveau-Application Technology Specialist, OMAF/MRA

Lunch: Please bring your own lunch. Water provided.

Agenda: Indoor and outdoor presentation on topics including general scouting protocols for hops, identification of major insect and disease pests of hops, and natural enemies found in the hop yard. The session will also feature an in-field demonstration of spraying hops and the importance of achieving optimal spray coverage.

RSVP: This event is open to full OHGA members on a first-come, first-served basis. Full members please RSVP to Alison Grant (agrant08@uoguelph.ca) to reserve your spot. This workshop will then be opened up to OHGA Affiliate members by May 30th, if there are spaces remaining.

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