Great Lakes Hop and Barley Conference: 10 &11 April, 2015

Barley-&-Hops-HeaderDate: 10 & 11 April, 2015
Location: Eberhard Center, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Registration: $150.00 per person (special rate of $125 per person available for farms/companies sending three or more individuals)

This conference will feature separate basic and advanced sessions for hop growers as well as a barley session and malting tour and is designed for both growers and brewers. Several prominent speakers from around the USA will be on hand to discuss: market outlook, horticultural practices, pest and disease control, harvest and post-harvest practices, nutrient management, and much more.

The conference will feature three tracks: Hop Introductory Track, Hop Advanced Track, and Barley and Malt Track. Participants will have the ability to jump between tracks throughout the day. During the registration process, participants will be asked to select their preferred track in order to determine space needs at the facility. Anyone interested in attending the tour of Pilot Malt House should select the Barley and Malt Track.

For more information please visit the conference website.

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