Spotted Wing Drosophila Update #7 July 17 – populations escalating

Specialty berry growers should be following Spotted Wing Drosophilla activity, as this pest has also been observed on many specialty berries, including haskap, goji and sea buckthorn. Note that insecticide registrations for SWD on conventional fruit may not also be permitted on specialty berries. Always check the product label to determine it is registered on your specific crop before applying any product.

See this post by OMAFRA Berry Crop Specialist Pam Fisher for a  current update on Spotted Wing Drosophilla activity in Ontario.


Spotted wing drosophila trap captures have escalated this week!  (Figure 1.) Do not take chances with SWD control right now.

Figure 1: SWD positive sites and number of flies trapped by week Figure 1: SWD positive sites and number of flies trapped by week

  • SWD was present at 50% of the monitored sites last week and is approaching 80% of sites this week.   (Traps are not 100% efficient for individual sites, so we use regional trednds to predict activity)
  • The number of flies per positive trap has increased dramatically, especially in southern Ontario, were 2-3 generations are completed. (Figure 2)
  • The biggest increases are in wild hosts, strawberries, raspberries and unsprayed stone fruit such as apricots. This means that SWD are multiplying in these crops.
  • We have trapped SWD in eastern Ontario as well. Numbers are lower, but berry crops in eastern Ontario are also at risk.

Summer red raspberries: Apply weekly insecticides. Harvest as thoroughly as possible every 2 days…

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