Exirel Insecticide for cutworm and aphid control on Ginseng


As mentioned in a previous post, Dupont Exirel is now registered for control of variegated cutworm and aphids on ginseng. It is also registered for control of European corn borer, which has been found on ginseng, but does normally warrant an insecticide application.

Exirel insecticide (cyantraniliprole) is in the same insecticide group (Group 28) as Coragen Insecticide (chlorantraniliprole), which was already registered for control of cutworms on ginseng. To prevent the development of resistance, either product should be rotated with an insecticide in another group. Always read the label and follow all directions listed on the label before applying Exirel or any other pest control product.

For control of variegated cutworm, apply Exirel insecticide at a rate of 500-750 ml/ha. For control of aphids, apply Exirel insecticide at a rate of 500-1500 ml/ha. Apply in a minimum of 100 L/ha water. Apply when pest pressures warrant an insecticide spray. Thorough coverage is important to obtain optimum control.

For optimum control of aphids, apply Hasten NT Spray Adjuvant at an application rate of 0.25% v/v or MSO Concentrate with Leci-Tech at an application rate of 0.5% v/v.

Restrictions and Precautions:

  • For pests with a range of application rates, use the high rate under heavy pest pressure.
  • Do not make more than 4 applications per season.
  • Do not apply more than once every 5 days.
  • Do not apply less than 7 day before harvest. Observe a 7-day PHI.
  • Do not exceed a total of 450 g of cyantraniliprole per ha per season.
  • Do not make a foliar application of Exirel insecticide for a minimum of 60 days following an in-furrow or soil application or planting of seed or seed pieces treated with any Group 28 insecticide.

About Sean Westerveld

Ginseng and Medicinal Herbs Specialist, OMAFRA
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