Pest Control Products for Ontario Hops 2016

As the growing season approaches, we are starting to get questions about what’s currently registered on hops in Ontario.  A current list for 2016 can be found at the link below.  Note that pesticide registrations are always changing, so be sure to check this blog periodically for updates to this list.

Hops Pesticides 2016 updated

As always, this list does not replace the need for growers to thoroughly read product labels prior to application. For full labels, growers can visit the Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s label database

There have been a number of new products registered in recent years, and the format of this list has been revised from past years.  Tables 1-3 list products, rates, pre-harvest, re-entry and other details for all products currently registered and available in Ontario.  Table 4 summarizes available organic products and there are two appendices, summarizing the Ontario Classification for each registered product, as well as the registrant for each product and their contact information.  Note that growers wishing to apply Class 2 and 3 pest control products must be certified through the Grower Pesticide Safety Course.

Products in the tables are grouped by chemical family. Pest control products are grouped into families by mode of action to aid in resistance management. There is always the potential for pest populations to become resistant to pest control products with repeated use. To delay this, avoid constantly applying products from the same chemical family. Instead, alternate between products with different chemical family numbers.

Note that one product included in this table, Regalia Maxx, is an emergency use registration that is only permitted for use on hops until July 12, 2016.



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