Fourth International Pawpaw Conference, Sept 1-3, 2016

Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) trees have been blooming over the past week in southwestern Ontario.  Flowers on pawpaw emerge prior to the tree leafing out and are protogynous (stigma is no longer viable when pollen is shed) and are typically self-incompatible, therefore requiring an unrelated polleniser for fertilisation.

Many times pawpaw are used as single trees in ornamental landscape plantings, lacking a polleniser in close proximity, which is probably why you don’t see fruit on these trees in the autumn. Interest in commercial production of pawpaw has increased over the last few years, so here are a few resources for commercial growers.

The Kentucky State University (KSU) has a pawpaw breeding program and is an excellent resource for production information.  Follow this link to their Pawpaw Planting Guide.  For Ontario specific information, OMAFRA has a pawpaw crop production profile on the Specialty Cropportunities Website.

If you are currently growing pawpaw or are interested in commercial pawpaw production, KSU will be hosting the Fourth International Pawpaw Conference  in September.  The conference runs from September 1-3, 2016 in Frankfort, Kentucky, USA.  A reminder that this conference does not run every year. Click here to go to the conference website for more information and registration.

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