Updated Hops Pest Control Products List

A number of new products have been registered on hops since I posted the 2016 Pest Control Product list to this blog last March.  I’ve updated the list to reflect these new products and posted it here.

Hops Pesticides 2016 updated

New products not included in the March list are:  Sivanto Prime (flupyradifurone) for aphids, RootShield (Trichoderma harzianum) for suppression of Fusarium root rots and Agri-Mek SC (abamectin) for two-spotted spider mite.  Agri-Mek SC is a new formulation of  abamectin, replacing Agri-Mek 1.9 EC, which was registered on hops in previous years but is no longer being sold.   Finally, Regalia Maxx (Reynoutria sachalinensis extract), which was an emergency use registration due to expire in mid-July, is now fully registered for use on hops.  RootShield and Regalia are both potentially acceptable for organic production.

Note that pesticide registrations are always changing, so be sure to check this blog periodically for updates to this list. As always, this list does not replace the need for growers to thoroughly read product labels prior to application. For full labels, growers can visit the Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s label database


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