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Experiencing Strange Symptoms on Lavender? Lavender Crop Update July 10, 2020

Lavandula angustifolia cultivars are in full bloom in most of Ontario, with lavandins starting to bloom further south. Some cultivars are already past peak, progressing through bloom faster due to the hot conditions. It is becoming very dry in most … Continue reading

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Understanding the Value of Fertilizers and Supplements for Specialty Crops

Growers of all crops are bombarded with advertisements and salespeople selling a wide range of fertilizers and supplements. For specialty crop growers there is added uncertainty given the limited research specific to these crops on all aspects of fertilization. As … Continue reading

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Lavender Harvest Timing – Lavender Crop Update June 12, 2020

Crop Update Insect activity in lavender has increased, with four-lined plant bug and spittlebugs being the biggest issues. Four-lined plant bugs are in the late nymph (Figure 1) or adult (Figure 2) stages. Look for pale red nymphs with black … Continue reading

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The Key to Successful Lavender Production? Your Soil

Over the past decade there has been great interest in lavender production in Ontario and other areas of North America as agritourism becomes increasingly popular. I have been contacted by hundreds of people interested in growing lavender over this period. … Continue reading

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Lavender Crop Update – Winter Damage Assessment – May 14, 2020

Hopefully winter is finally over. Thankfully the cold weather in April and early May kept plants from getting too advanced and likely prevented significant damage to the lavender over the past week. The only plants that may have damage are … Continue reading

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Fertilizer Calculations for Lavender

The notion that lavender does not need or like fertilizer has been proven false. While lavender seems to survive fine without fertilizer or irrigation, it definitely performs better with both. Your plants may look perfectly fine without fertilization but you … Continue reading

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