Register now! IPM Training for Hazelnuts, Hops and Ginseng

OMAFRA’s FREE integrated pest managment training workshops begin this week and run over the next few weeks.  A full list of workshops is included below, and include a number that are relevant to specialty crop growers.  Scout training kicks off this Thursday, April 26  with the general Introduction to IPM.  Other specialty crop workshops include Hazelnuts on May 2, Hops on May 7 and Ginseng on June 14.   

For full details on these and other workshops, see below. Continue reading

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Hop IPM flip guide available at select OMAFRA Resource Centres – while quantities last!

The Hop scouting pocket guide for the US Upper Midwest and Northwest and Eastern Canada is a quick reference to the main pests of hops in these areas.  It contains pest descriptions, growth stage guide and scouting calendar with relevant pests for Ontario hops.  This is a publication of Michigan State University, with contributions from  and OMAFRA Iowa State University .  The publication is available for sale on the MSU Extension Bookstore’s website.

Because of costs associated with shipping the guide to Canada, we have had requests from a number of you on how to get it in Ontario.  For one time only,  a limited number of guides are currently available at select OMAFRA Resource Centres.  Growers can pick them up from the front desks until supplies run out.  To ensure as many Ontario hop producers as possible have a chance to access these guides, there is a limit of one guide per farm.  Continue reading

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Ginseng Crop Update and New Fungicide Registrations – April 20, 2018

It is will be no surprise to ginseng growers that emergence of ginseng will be late this year, but how late will it be? We have had snow this late in the season before, and sometimes well into May, but often those are short lived bursts of cold. Looking through weather records at Delhi for the past 80 years, the last time it was this steadily cold this late in the season was in 1975. Depending on temperatures for the next few weeks, this will likely be the latest ginseng emergence that most growers have ever seen. It may be May 10 before older gardens start poking through the straw, unless we get a sudden heat wave in early May. The only unknown is how much the warmth in the end of February and the sunny weather through March may have moved things along in the soil. Continue reading

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2018 OMAFRA IPM Scout Training Workshops


The following FREE workshops are available for those who will be scouting horticultural crops this year or looking to refresh their IPM knowledge.

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Hop Fertility Review and Guidelines for 2018

Hop production logo

As we approach the 2018 growing season, questions regarding hop fertility are on the increase.  Looking back on 2017, there are some key fertility messages to be thinking about as we head into this year’s production cycle.

With above normal rainfall in many regions during 2017 (and saturated soils in some cases) mobile nutrients such as nitrogen, in nitrate form, may have been leached from the soil more rapidly than in a normal rainfall year.  The reduction in available nitrogen during the 2017 season may have negatively affected plant vigour and reduced plant reserves for 2018.  Additionally, plants that did not reach full canopy in 2017 will have reduced reserves to draw on for this year’s production.  Nutrient deficiencies may be more visible during rapid plant growth stages in the spring due to last year’s environmental conditions.  Therefore, plant nutrition will be very important to focus on this year in order to realize optimal yields. Continue reading

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Canadian Agricultural Partnership Funding for Producers, Processors and Other Businesses Now Available

cap_banner3-engStarting on April 3, 2018, producers, processors, and other businesses can apply for cost-share funding through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (the Partnership), a new five-year commitment by Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments that will support Canada’s agri-food and agri-products sectors.

Businesses can apply for funding to support projects in three key priority areas:
• Economic development in the agriculture, agri-food, and agri-based products sectors;
• Environmental stewardship to enhance water quality and soil health; and
• Protection and assurance in food safety and plant and animal health.

Producers, processors, and other businesses can apply for cost-share funding from April 3 to May 8, 2018. Program details, including how to apply, program guides and application forms are now available online at:

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Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention 2018 Presentations are now Available Online


The presentation slide decks from the 2018 Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention  (OFVC) are now posted online.

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