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Hop Leaf Stripping in Ontario

Leaf stripping (removing lower leaves and laterals; Figure 1) to increase air flow is a common cultural practice to manage hops downy mildew (P. humuli). Leaf stripping is performed earlier in Ontario than in other growing regions due to a shorter … Continue reading

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2018 Downy Mildew Control Strategy for Cucumber Crops — ONvegetables

Specialty cucurbit growers may be interested in the following InfoSheet on downy mildew control strategies in cucumber crops written by Elaine Roddy, OMAFRA Vegetable Crops Specialist.  Note that not all products registered on cucumber for downy mildew are registered on all … Continue reading

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Continue managing late season downy mildew in hops

As most growers are aware, downy mildew is extremely active in Ontario hops this year due to the ideal conditions for development of the disease.  For new growers, an article on identifying symptoms of this disease can be found in … Continue reading

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Using Ridomil for early season hop downy mildew control

With recent warm weather, hops are starting to emerge in many parts of the province, and growers are thinking about early season downy mildew control.  What follows are some answers to questions we often receive about using Ridomil in Ontario … Continue reading

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Basil Update – Downy Mildew Now Widespread

Over the last few weeks, we have had numerous calls from homeowners and growers wondering why their basil is turning yellow and defoliating.  The reason in most cases is downy mildew.  Basil downy mildew seems to be particularly common this … Continue reading

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Identifying downy mildew in hops

Over the last week we’ve had a number of reports of hops downy mildew throughout Ontario.  While many growers have successfully identified symptoms while training, others have asked for some assistance in identifying the major symptoms.  What follows is a review … Continue reading

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Pristine WG Fungicide now registered on hops in Canada

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently announced the approval of an URMULE registration for Pristine® Fungicide for suppression of downy mildew and control of powdery mildew in conventional hops production in Canada. Pristine® Fungicide was already labeled for management … Continue reading

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