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Not All Mildews Are Created Equal!

By Sean Westerveld and Melanie Filotas, OMAFRA Over the last few weeks we have had a number of questions about “mildew”.  Mildew can refer to either downy or powdery mildew, and it seems that some growers have been confusing the … Continue reading

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DNA Tests for Pathogens in Ginseng: What Can They Do?

Laboratories in Ontario offer a range of DNA-based pathogen tests designed to identify issues in soil or other substrates. Some tests that they offer can identify a range of general pathogens in one test, while other tests can identify pathogens … Continue reading

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Natural Enemies Workshop August 7

OMAF and MRA present Natural Enemies Workshop Learn about the natural enemies of crop pests, from predators to parasites to pathogens.  What do they do?  How can you find and identify them?  How can you protect them and encourage them … Continue reading

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Growing or collecting native forest herbs in Ontario

From Sean Westerveld, Ginseng and Medicinal Herb Specialist, OMAFRA: There are numerous native herbs that grow wild in forests in southern Ontario and are important medicinal plants, such as ginseng, goldenseal, and black cohosh. However, there are a number of … Continue reading

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