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Haskap Pruning in Ontario

Evan Elford, OMAFRA New Crop Development Specialist Pruning is an important part of bushberry management. Like many other bushberry crops, it is important to prune mature haskap plants to increase yields and fruit quality while improving plant vigour and harvesting … Continue reading

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Lavender Crop Update – July 21, 2017

Lavandins are reaching full bloom in many areas (Figure 1), while angustifolia cultivars are at the end of bloom. Most cultivars are past the best stage for flower bundle harvest, except for fresh bundles of lavandins. Harvest for essential oil … Continue reading

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Hop Pruning and Training in Ontario

Hop pruning is the removal of the first shoots in the spring prior to training.  The primary reasons for pruning include disease management (removal of systemically infected shoots) and to ensure uniform shoots with higher yield potential for subsequent training. … Continue reading

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Lavender Pruning: The Key to Healthy Plants

Pruning is one of the most important practices for a successful lavender business. It affects the health of the plants, the longevity of a field, the ease of harvest, the yield of flowers and the appearance of the plants. The … Continue reading

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